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Your personalised MOBIB card issued by SNCB, STIB, TEC or De Lijn has many benefits. How can I take advantage of these benefits?

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Which SNCB railcards can be loaded onto my MOBIB card?

SNCB railcards combined with a STIB, TEC and De Lijn railcard are loaded onto your MOBIB card.

Parking passes linked to car parks managed by the NMBS/SNCB (B-Parking) will also be linked to your new MOBIB card.

Exceptions: Part-Time and Campus Railcards and complex railcards (with a ‘via’ or ‘antenna’) cannot be loaded onto your MOBIB card.

What should I do if I’m a future railcard holder or my current railcard is still in paper format?

Simply go to the ticket office of the station of your choice with your MOBIB card and your electronic identity card (E-ID).

How can I renew my railcard once it’s loaded on my MOBIB card?


Log in to your My NMBS/SNCB account or create a new account. The quick and simple application will allow you to renew your railcard online and save a trip to the station.

NMBS/SNCB railcards can be renewed up until the day before the desired validity start date.

NMBS/SNCB with MIVB/STIB, TEC or De Lijn railcards must be renewed at least 5 days before the desired validity start date.

All of these railcards can be renewed up to 31 days in advance.

At the station

At either a new ticket machine or the ticket office. Your railcard will be issued straight away, along with any NMBS/STIB, TEC or De Lijn add-ons.

Please note: from 21 April 2015, your railcard TEC supplement will be loaded onto your MOBIB card. To renew your combined railcard for the first time after this date, it is necessary to go to a station ticket office in person. Subsequent renewals can be done by using the automatic ticket machines at stations or online via your MySNCB account.

How can I view the NMBS/SNCB contracts loaded on my MOBIB card?

  • Online:  Via your My NMBS/SNCB account
  • At the station:
    • By inserting your MOBIB card into one of the new ticket machines
    • At the ticket counter of your local station
  • On the train, by asking a member of the train staff.

Practical Information

For more details, refer to the MOBIB terms and conditions (only available in Dutch or French)

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