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It’s up to you! Whether you travel regularly, frequently or occasionally,
you’ll find the ticket or pass that’s right for you.

Tickets and season tickets by age Tickets and season tickets by age

Check out our complete offer of tickets and passes for all age categories.

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Reduced fares and free travel Reduced fares and free travel

If you have a discount card, e.g. Large Families or Special Discount, it’s worth going by train. And definitely worth it with your kids.

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Airports Airports

Take the airport train to Brussels Airport-Zaventem or Charleroi and catch your plane comfortably.

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With others With others

Find out all about group travel, school trips and advantages for large families.

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Train + other means of transport Multimodal

Travel by train and continue your journey by underground, tram, bus, bike or car.

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Outside of Belgium A train to the border?

Planning to cross the border and explore Europe? Discover our international offer here.

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Leisure trips Leisure trips

Go on a trip! Explore our leisure offer and discover all train trips available.

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Which is the right ticket for me? Which is the right ticket for me?

Find out the best option for your train journey.

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On-board Fare On-board Fare
It's logical to buy your ticket before you get on the train. Since 1 February 2015 buying a ticket in the train automatically costs you € 7 more. There are so many ways to buy a ticket. More Info

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