Twitter @NMBS/SNCB

The official account @SNCB is perfectly in tune with our focus on you, our customers, and on improving our dialogue with you.

On SNCB’s Twitter account you can find rail service updates, a forum for exchanging views with customers, the latest special offers, and more.

A team works throughout the day to ensure that our account can be accessed from 6 am to 10 pm, every working day. All the team members are passionate about customer service and trains, and their aim is make sure you are satisfied. They will do all they can to reply to you as quickly as possible.

We undertake to reply to:

  • questions about our products and services;
  • problems on the rail service;
  • more general questions about our company.

We will not reply to:

  • questions that are not directly addressed @SNCB, such as tweets just containing #SNCB, and not @SNCB;
  • offensive remarks.

Follow us on (french account) or (dutch account)

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