Season ticket with De Lijn

tramYou can combine travel by train with travel on the De Lijn network. Save yourself some time and money with a combined Railcard – it’s always cheaper than buying both tickets separately and you only have to use one ticket for all your journeys.

  • Your Season ticket combines your main route with the entire De Lijn network (special tickets and prices apply on the Limburg express lines 68, 178 and 179)
  • In get the combined Season ticket, your journey must include one or more routes served by De Lijn.
  • Travel over the entire De Lijn network can be combined with a Section Season ticket, Student’s Season ticket and Rail network Season ticket.
  • You can calculate the price of your Season ticket simply by adding on the De Lijn supplement to find out the overall cost.
  • Your Season ticket is available immediately from the ticket office.
  • If you'd also like to use other transport companies in Brussels (TEC/De Lijn), it's best to buy a Section Season ticket and an MTB separately.

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