magnifierTravel by train to your job interview at reduced cost with the Jobseekers discount.

Looking for a job? Travel at reduced cost

Free travel for mariners seeking work

  • Free travel for all beneficiaries in 2nd class
  • Attestation issued by Service Pool for mariners and Merchant Navy
  • Your attestation is a valid ticket for travel
  • Between the mariner’s home and the harbour area of Antwerp

Fixed price for VDAB jobseekers

  • € 1 per journey in 2nd class,  return ticket for € 2
  • On presentation of an attestation issued by the VDAB
  • In exchange for a train ticket
  • Between 2 specific Belgian stations

75% off for Forem-Actiris jobseekers

  • 75% off 2nd class tickets
  • On presentation of an attestation issued by Forem-Actiris
  • Between 2 specific Belgian stations

Practical Information

  • For more details, refer to the jobseekers terms and conditions (only available in Dutch or French)
    • Available at ticket offices and on board

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